The France Télévisions team chose “sport” as the theme for this first test. A space that allows communities to come together and experience great moments of emotion. They wanted users to be able to recapture this emotion and excitement, thanks to virtual reality.

Immersive environment

Stade 2 and its virtual studio were a natural choice as the starting point for their immersive space, to create a linear link between France Télévisions' programming and this innovative new service.


The world features three mini-games that anyone can play: the first is a treasure hunt in the forest, where players must find clues to open the cabin door, and if they succeed, they'll discover a nice surprise. The second game is inspired by biathlon, and features downhill skiing and rifle shooting. Pass through the gates as quickly as possible and aim for the highest possible score. Finally, the third game for the brave and thrill-seekers is a bobsleigh race. Be as fast as you can!