Product launch

Fairy Love Land is a unique virtual universe created by VRROOM in partnership with Pavillon Noir for the launch of Fairy Love, the new fragrance from Escada Fragrances.

A funfair

Welcome to Fairy Love Land.
Hosted on the Roblox gaming platform, this immersive, interactive space plunges users into the heart of the brand's universe and its new fragrance.

A world in the image of the perfume

An unprecedented operation for Escada Fragrance, one of the first perfume brands to enter the metaverse. This virtual world is inspired by the magical dimension of perfume and the joyful, colorful atmosphere that lunaparks exude in our collective imagination. A world in the image of perfume


By entering this world through their avatar, users are invited to join this immersive environment and explore its various spaces. A veritable interactive metaverse where, by playing a series of mini-games scattered around the park, visitors can earn virtual objects representing the elements that make up Fairy Love fragrance and display them on their avatar: bottles, raspberries, pears and jasmine flowers.

Cross-media activation

Pavillon Noir pushes Fairy Love into the metaverse, dedicating an entirely virtual world to it. Users can also enter a prize draw on Instagram to win a real Fairy Love perfume.